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About us:

Healthy eating is no longer boring with Deul Food & Beverages Pvt Ltd- one of the leading online delivery store/supplier of healthy products. We, Deul Food & Beverages Pvt Ltd has come up with an idea to manufacture and distribute fresh and natural juices for you with no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no heating and no pasteurisation. We've have introduced four products under the brand name "Smileey". The products include Lemonade, Orange, Lemon & Mint and Jaljeera and many more products in the coming months

We have introduced four products into the market under the brand name “Smileey”. The products are


  • Lemonade
  • Lemon & Mint
  • Jaljeera
  • Orange

We will launch many new products in the months to come.

WHY Smileey ?

Smileey goes the extra mile to ensure that our fruit juices don’t lose the taste or healthy effects. Keeping this in mind, we never add any kind of sugary substance or artificial flavours to our fruit juices. Smileey brings you fruity goodness straight from nature to your glass. No processing, no storing, no adding of preservatives, nothing! Just pure nature.



We don’t subject our juices to any levels of processing. Processing results in the fruit juices losing all important nutrients as well as flavours. We reject the use of artificial “flavour packs” because these artificial flavours take away the left over goodness of the drink and make it more unhealthy than healthful. Health risks include high cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, heart problems and what not!


Smileey Advantages

According to a scientific study, fruit juices with preservatives are as unhealthy as a carbonated sugary drink. But don’t worry, that is only applicable to those juices that are highly loaded with preservatives, artificial flavours and chemicals to make it drinkable. They extract the juices and keep them in big oxygen depleting tanks for almost a year before starting with their packaging.

Smileey never adds preservatives to any of its products. This is the reason for having very less shelf life for our products. We still strive hard to provide best of natural goodness of all the raw materials used.

We just want to see a smile while consuming a Smileey product both on your face and on your pocket. Our product prices are very affordable, YET ! we dont compromise on quality !!!

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